TRANQUILITY, that could be the word that comes to mind when you arrive in Valtuille de Abajo, although as you get to know this town, you realize that nothing is what it seems, that within each house there is a lot of activity.

In one of these houses lives the García Alba family, whose head of family, Dimas García Canedo, started in 1999 the Vinos Valtuille S.L. Today the Company is thriving and growing, managed by two of their four children: Elena and Marcos.

The family winery is the reflection of the values passed down through the generations. EFFORT, the fundamental pillar. RESPECT and CARE for the land, the guidelines that mark the ROAD MAP.

Marcos is in charge of the control of the vineyard and the production of the wines, using the advice that his grandfather Antonio gave him years ago. Marcos, like life in Valtuille, is the TRANQUILITY of the winery. He understands his wines and gives them the necessary time so they can be enjoyed at their optimum moment.

Elena, on the other hand, like every house in Valtuille, is ACTIVITY. She is always looking for ways to progress, to make things better and thus achieve a better future.

The balance between the two parts forms the reality of Vinos Valtuille. Similar to the balance you find in the life of the town: tranquility with a lot of life, with much FUTURE.


C/ Promadelo s/n
24530 Valtuille de Abajo
987 562 165 / 628 453 412