For the production of its wines the winery has 15 hectares of old vineyards, scattered around Valtuille de Abajo with narrow planting and goblet pruning system.


Valtuille de Abajo is surrounded by small hills, whose altitude ranges between 500 and 700 meters.

In soils, clay predominates in the lower areas and sand in the upper or front areas.

With this mix of soils, altitude and orientations, the winery tries to select more than 100 plots they work, according to the wines it produce.

For Pago de Valdoneje Mencía Marcos mixes different plots of high and low areas, looking for a balance between the fruit of clay areas and the power of the high areas, with more presence of sand.

In Pago de Valdoneje “La Tellería”, we have selected clayey soils, mostly coming from “La Tellería” plot, with west orientation. This plot is located on a hillside near Valtuille de Abajo, on The Way of Saint James. With this wine we seek to strengthen the freshness that clay soils give to the mencía variety.

For the production of Pago de Valdoneje Viñas Viejas we selected the grape from a front with south-west orientation in Valdoneje. This being the first and oldest one used by  family.

In Pago de Valdoneje Finca el Valao the grape comes from a single plot called “El Valao”. The plot was located in a very cool and mineral area with north-west orientation. We started to produce this wine in 2015.

Cabanelas is a plot wine for which we select the grape from one of the highest quality areas in the municipality of Valtuille, called Cabanelas. The plot has east orientation. This wine is made with 50% stem scrapings and 50% destemmed grape

For Pago de Valdoneje Godello, Marcos selects grapes in the Castro area. This area has clay soils, steep slope and an altitude around 700 meters.


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