Wine tourism

Visit a familiar winery in Valtuille de Abajo and discover the essence of mencía.

We love our land, we are passionate about what we do and the best we can offer you is the experience of sharing with you a piece of us, a piece of Bierzo.

We will begin our visit in the winery, where Elena is waiting for us to take a walk to La Tellería vineyard, where our Pago de Valdoneje “La Tellería” is born. There we will drink a fresh godello, looking at the landscape of the old vineyard in El Bierzo.

Back at the winery, Marcos will explain us all the secrets he uses to make his wines. We can taste the wines directly from the barrel.

After the experience we will share a good chat with the siblings, combining their wines with the local gastronomy

For bookings, send the “Book your visit” form, call +34 987 56 21 65 or send and e-mail to:


C/ Promadelo s/n
24530 Valtuille de Abajo
987 562 165 / 628 453 412