A family winery, with a traditional line, with a point of innovation.

After several decades working their vineyards Dimas GarcĂ­a and Isabel Alba decided to build their own winery and place it in one of the hills surrounding Valtuille de Abajo, in the area of La Estacada, in front of Castro de la Ventosa, on the Camino de Santiago, their favorite place in Valtuille. The reason for this new venture was simply to provide a better future for their children.

The whole production process takes place in the winery. We have a special underground area for the aging of wines and a zone for receiving and selecting the grapes, which allows entry to the tank by gravity. The winemaking is done by combining the traditional process with the most advanced winemaking methods.

Dimas e Isabelita

C/ Promadelo s/n
24530 Valtuille de Abajo
987 562 165 / 628 453 412